October 24, 2018

Fortnitemares 2018: These are the spooky things coming to 'Fortnite' on Wednesday

Starting Wednesday, "Fortnite" is about to get a lot spookier.
Publisher Epic Games rolled out Fortnitemares 2018, a Halloween-themed event where players stumble across various creepy obstacles.
Among them: Cube monsters players must fend off while also trying to stay alive during the game's popular Battle Royale mode, where 100 players compete in a last-man-standing style match.
Players will gain access to new weapons such as a six-shooter and field hunter crossbow. The update also adds a Deadfire outfit, a Van Helsing-inspired ensemble featuring a cowboy hat and long trenchcoat.
Fortnitemares will also add extra challenges, which give away experience points when completed. During the event, players gain extra experience by destroying cube monsters or dealing damage to them with specific weapons.
Epic said the event has been temporarily disabled on Battle Royale while they look into issues with player matchmaking. 

We have disabled Fortnitemares in Battle Royale while we investigate issues with matchmaking. Watch for updates at https://status.epicgames.com
The update adding Fortnitemares will also add another key feature: The ability to redeploy your glider during a match. Typically, the glider is only available when players first descend on the island. Now, when in mid-air or greater than 10 meters up, players can press a button to use their glider again. 

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