November 27, 2013

State Representative Marcos Devers is a winner

  • All things work for the goodness for all who love the Lord. After the recent past city elections in Lawrence, I've noticed that one of the big winners was State Representative Marcos Devers. His leadership has reached new dimensions. Not only that, but Marcos Devers is now a much wiser man than it was four years ago. Friends who have always been by his side appreciate him more than before and those who were a little bit away from him have returned to give that love that Marcos has earned with his candor, ability and humility. Today, Mr. Devers is the most stable leader who has our city. In the last two elections (for mayors) in the city of Lawrence it has been shown that the third floor of the City Hall cannot be reached without the support of Marcos Devers. Thank you Commander. You know we have not always agreed, but today I recognize that he is able to sacrifice himself in order to benefit our city. I hope those who appreciate Marcos Devers never forget that he has been able to give of himself, help others arrive, all for the sake of our city. Again, thanks State Representative. Thanks Commander, thanks Marcos. God bless you more. Johny R. Castillo.

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